Oysters, red chilli nahm jim, fried eschallots.

Chicken cracker, betel leaf, smoked river trout, green mango, peanut relish.

Turmeric coconut wafer, caramelised coconut, prawns, peanuts, bean sprouts.

Salt & pepper cuttlefish, sweet soy, lime.

Hot & sour salad, pork, squid, Vietnamese mint, green shallots, roasted rice.

Coconut poached chicken, wing beans, Thai basil, chilli jam.

Crispy soy braised duck, lychee, ginger, cucumber, Asian celery, black vinegar.


Yellow curry of Five Founders beef brisket, kipfler potatoes, cucumber pickle.

Dry red curry, Skull Island Tiger Prawns, salted duck egg, snake beans, lime leaves.

Pineapple red curry of roasted pork belly, tamarind, Thai basil, makrut lime leaves.

Caramelised pork hock, fried garlic, eschallots, chilli vinegar.

Roasted pork belly, ginger, Chinese broccoli, master stock.

Whole crispy snapper, caramelised pineapple, chilli, fried basil.

Stir fried cuttlefish, snow peas, chilli, oyster sauce.

Sour orange curry of Grouper, tomato, baby corn, lemongrass, betel leaves.

Stir fried chopped chicken, chilli, garlic, snake beans, Holy basil, fried egg.


Salt & pepper silken tofu.

Stir fried asian greens, chilli, oyster sauce.

Green papaya, peanuts, chilli, taramind, tomato.

Thai Fried rice, egg, mushrooms, ginger, Chinese broccoli.

Steamed jasmine rice.

Warm roti.


Coconut tapioca, vanilla cumquats, watermelon sorbet.

Palm sugar caramel custard, cocoa tuile, banana ice cream.

Black sticky rice, mango, pandan sorbet.

Sorbet & ice cream selection

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Our menu changes regularly with the seasons, and with the availability of local produce.

What you see below is indicative of our daily selection of dishes.

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