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green mangoes

8 September 2023

Opening soon!

The paint is dry, the paintings are hung, the shelves are filling, and we’re making progress towards swinging our lovely heritage doors open for the first time.  

The kitchen team is busy testing recipes and bottling products for the Food Store while the restaurant team is stocking up on some great wines from all over the globe that will match and enhance the vibrant flavours of our menu.

Dishes on the opening menu may include crispy fried fish, green chilli, galangal and a spicy nahm jim and a slowly caramelised pork hock with fried garlic and chilli vinegar, and a rich, moreish yellow grass-fed beef curry with potato, pickled mustard greens and green relish.

We’ll soon be open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday - Saturday with special mention to Sunday brunch, the culmination of the delicious Short Grain week and soon-to-be highlight of your weekend. See you in mid September!

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